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Oct 3, 2016

Prototyping for a Safe Home

Jun 22, 2016

TechLab gets Carvey CNC machine

May 15, 2016

New tool acquired: 3D printer

Apr 6, 2016

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The TechLab prototyping & research lab enables you to quickly develop, test & launch your ideas. It is Research and Development lab handling both hardware and software.

FinTech & IoT

Agile Community armed with skills, & tools for FinTech related product & solutions research


TechLab has everything you might need, from 3D printing, CNC & welding to collaborative software and framework knowledge.

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If you are like us, but lack skills, technical and prototyping resources for IoT design and development, TechLab is there for you! Just drop us a pitch line & your contacts!

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